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How To Hire An Accountant In Delray Beach Statename

Check Their License

Go Online And Check Their License. If They Have A Business License Listed In Our Directory, Call The Issuing Agency And Verify It. If They Have No License, All Of The Following Questions Are Pointless.

Seek Recommendations

Start By Asking Someone You Personally Trust If They Are Familiar With The Delray Beach Accountants You Are Giving Consideration To. When You Attend Any Type Of Meeting, Or Meet Other Business Owners, Ask For Delray Beach CPA Recommendations. See If They Are A Member Of The Delray Beach Chamber Of Commerce, But Do Not Base Your Decision On That Alone Because For A Yearly Fee Anyone Can Join The Chamber.

What To Look For In An Accountant

If You Are A Business Owner, Pick An Accountant Who Has Some Of Their Business Coming From Delray Beach Business Owners In Your Industry! They Are More Apt To Keep Up With The Laws Regarding Clients They Deal With Most Often. If You Are A Corporation, Make Sure That The Person Specializes In Corporate Accounting, Including Financial Statements, Audits, Etc.

Interview Accountants!

Ask Them How Long They Have Been In Business Full Time, If They Are Part Time It Is Likely Your Account Will Not Get The Attention It Deserves. Remember To Ask How You Will Benefit From Their Services. Make Sure They Speak English And Not Accountanese, It Is Important For You And The Person That Handles The Money Side Of Your Business To Communicate Thoroughly.


When Asking About Rates Find Out What These Rates Include. If Not Hourly Do They Charge Extra Hourly Rate For Changes Through Out The Year, Are Personal End Of The Year Returns Included In Rate. Be Careful When Accountants Offer Anything Extra For Free. Most Often When Something Is Being Done For Free It Does Not Get The Attention That Paying Work Gets. Accountants Have Bills To.

Ask Them About Record Keeping

Ask What Computer Program They Prefer You Use For Your Record Keeping And Why They Prefer That Program. Many Times, If You Use The Program They Suggest, It Can Save You Some Money Because They Can Use Your Data Files. Some Even Have Programs They'll Set Up Especially For You!

Bring Your Records To The Interview

Bring A Copy Of Your Tax Return From At Least One Year, Three Is Better When You Interview An Accountant. This Way Your Prospective CPA Can Give You Educated "guesstimates" As To What Their Services Will Cost You.

How To File

If You Want To Save Some Money, Ask How They Want Your Paper Files.... If You Bring Your Files To Them In Shoe Boxes You May Pay To Have All That Deciphered! You Can Save Money If You Separate The Information The Way The Accountant Suggests.

Corporation Vs. Individual

Are You Interested In Hiring A Corporation Of Accountants Or A CPA That Has Their Own Business? If You Opt For The Corporation, Find Out If You Will Be Dealing With One Particular Person, Or Will It Be Whoever Answers The Phone When You Call. It Is Best To Have One Person To Build A Relationship With!

When Do They Work?

What Are Their Hours Of Operation? Make Sure That You Can Call Them At Hours That Are Convenient For You.

Making A Decision

Interview At Least Three Accountants. Never Rush The Decision. Make Sure You Have The Best CPA And Bookkeeper For You And Your Business!