Improve Search Engine Ranking

To boost seo performance, achieve search engine optimization, and improve your website ranking, the best seo strategy begins with our professional search engine optimization and marketing services.


SEO Research

A powerful SEO strategy starts with research, more research, and even more research. We will research your competitors, we will research your brand, and your industry. We will research your chosen keyphrases and keyphrases you may not have thought of. We will analyze how the each keyphrase has trended over a 12 month period, choose the most relevant to your project, and build a keyword list.

If we are performing our search engine optimization services on an existing website, we will analyze your site to determine if the content structure, main navigation structure, and whether any other internal or external links need to be revamped or removed.

This part of the process is very crucial, and could take from 1-2 weeks, and possibly more, depending on the scope of your optimization requirements. Once this is complete, we move on to the SEO planning stage.

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SEO Planning

During SEO planning we will use the keyword list we created during research as a search engine optimization blueprint for the structure and placement of all of your marketing content in your website.

If you have an existing website, It may be necessary to alter the site architecture to have the information flow match the keyword list. If you do not currently have a website our Web Design department can design one for you.

For the best SEO strategy, your website should be mobile friendly. This is a major factor in search engine optimization, because it helps your site compete better in the mobile search results. We can help you with Responsive Web Design if your site is not mobile ready.

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SEO Development

Once the structure of your information flow has been completed, we take our SEO plan and began development of your content.

If we are designing or redesigning your website architecture, we will complete this part of the project first. This includes page copy, meta tags, title attributes, alt attributes, file names, internal links, etc.

Our Content Marketing Department will create optimized content for your site based on the optimized blueprint we created during SEO planning. Once all of the content is added to your website, we are ready to move to offpage content creation and optimization.

Off page content creation will consist of short marketing descriptions, backlinks, and other search engine optimized content for distribution around the web.

When everything has been completed and approved by you, we will send your web developer the details to integrate your new SEO content. If we are developing the site, the SEO development will be integtrated during the process. We will submit your new contnent to search engines for indexing. If you have no Google Account, and wish to set one up, we can set that up for you, and integrate analytics into your website. Please visit our Analytics Set Up Page for more details.

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Monitoring The SEO Effort

Upon request, we can monitor the perfomance of your website using Google analytics and provide a monthly analysis on the following:

  • Users
  • Pageviews
  • Bounce Rate
  • Desktop Usage
  • Mobile Usage
  • Geographic Locations
  • Technology
  • Keyword Acquisition
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